Доктор Подобед Валентин Михайлович, доцент кафедры клинической фармакологии и терапии Белорусской медицинской академии последипломного образования, врач высшей категории

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Research work

My name is Valentin Podobed.

I graduated from Minsk Medical University in 1998. I started as the head of the therapeutic department of polyclinic №34 in Minsk. I have always been interested in scientific research. Now I work in Minsk regional clinical hospital. I am a assistant of clinical pharmacology and therapy chair of Belarus Medical Academy of postgraduate education. My supervisor is Alexander Hapaljuk, doctor of medicine, the head of the chair of clinical pharmacology and therapy faculty.

Theme of my research work is: "The clinical-laboratory characteristic and economic efficiency of the general magneto-therapy application for patients with a metabolic syndrome". The diagnosis of a metabolic syndrome is given according to WHO criteria. According to the research conducted men and women of the age of 45-60, suffering from diabetes mellitus type 2, an arterial hypertension and abdominal obesity, were examined and treated. We studied adipose metabolism: the lipoproteid level of high and low density, triglyceride and cholesterol. Ultrasonic research of the heart was carried out.

For the first time in the medical practice of our country the research of variability of an heart rhythm of patients with the given pathology was carried out by using the method of daily monitoring of electrocardiogram. Research of the level of hormones of internal secretion glands in blood allowed us to receive significal findings. The following hormones were studied: hormones of a thyroid gland, cortisol, testosterone, immunoreactivity insulin with the subsequent definition of factor insulin resistance. All the examinations were repeated after the influence of a method of the general magneto therapy. For comparison the control was formed. The given method is widely used all over the world and is characterized with its simplicity due to the possibility of its usage at home that presents doubtless economic benefit. The basic action of the general magneto therapy is as follows: vasodilating, antihypertension, sedative and normalizing microcirculation and adipose metabolism.

Together with my colleagues the following research works have been published:

1. New physiotherapeutic techniques of treatment and rehabilitation of patients with a cardiovascular pathology.
2. The characteristics of the quality of lives of the patients suffering from arterial hypertension with morphometrial attributes of accelerated ageing.
3. A level of internal secretion gland hormones of patients with a metabolic syndrome.
4. Antihypertensive effect of a multicourse general magneto therapy of patients with a metabolic syndrome.
5. Variability of the heart rhythm of patients with a metabolic syndrome and possibilities of its correction by a method of the general magneto therapy.

There are some other research articles on the same topic.

There is a sufficient positive experience in treatment of patients with a metabolic syndrome. The metabolic syndrome is a scientific direction at the research work of the clinical pharmacology and therapy chair.

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